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When your daily commute spells disaster for your spine

The average commute time for workers in Somerset County is over 30 minutes. Given both directions, that represents an hour of time that you spent seated, and often stressed. Many studies seek to analyze the psychological effect of daily commuting on the human mind, but what is more clearly understood is the deleterious effect on the human spine. Car seats are notoriously uncomfortable and, what’s worse, is that they are actually anti-ergonomic. Chances are your car didn’t come with a customized car seat, perfectly adjusted to your body’s specifications. That means that the onus is on you to ensure that your commute isn’t damaging your spine! Read on to find out how.

A more comfortable commute in Somerset County

We came up with a few simple guidelines to help ensure that your spine is supported during your daily commute. In order to drive comfortably and prevent pain, you need to: 

  • Always be wary of your posture and the “body creep effect;” we have a tendency to hunch our shoulders and crane our necks forward. Always be sure to reset when you feel this happening. 
  • Always hold the wheel at 9 and 3, being careful to maintain your shoulders in a relaxed position. 
  • Try to select a seating configuration that keeps your knees level or lower than your hips.
  • You can buy seating pads with cut outs to take pressure off the base of your spine. 
  • If you need help maintaining the lumbar curvature of your spine, use a rolled up jacket or lumbar pillow. 

Don’t let your commute cause chaos 

If you consistently feel uncomfortable during your commute, you need to do something about it now! At Total Health Chiropractic, we are standing by to help you design a comprehensive strategy for taking care of your back that will cover you from the moment you wake up, through your commute and work day and back home again. Give our office in Bridgewater a call to schedule an appointment today.