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Exercise is the number one way to manage your back pain

One of the best ways to compound common back pain is to sit around and mope. Bed rest, which was once prescribed as a cure-all for back pain, can actually throw a wrench into your recovery efforts. Without movement, circulation slows and soft tissues lose their pliancy- this creates a further pull on the injurious region that can actually mitigate the good work you are putting in. And while rest itself has many important applications in injury recovery, it is generally recommended that you remain moderately active, or relatively resting. The key is to maintain a normal amount of activity without aggravating your injury through extreme motions or too much duress. 

Exercises that increase the burden on your back 

With back pain, it is so important to strike that balance between rest and activity. The most severe injuries must be allowed the time they need to reduce swelling and inflammation before you reintroduce stress through therapeutic exercise. Whether you have a joint or muscle that is ailing in your back, make sure that you choose the appropriate form of exercise. Because so much of back pain is associated with compression, many people choose movements such as yoga poses that prioritize spinal elongation, which provides a decompressive effect for the intervertebral discs. Here are exercises that you should particularly avoid if you struggle with back pain: 

  • Toe touches
  • Crunch-type exercises 
  • Leg lifts 
  • Anything that involves excessive rotation
  • Lifting weight above your shoulders
  • Sports that involve repetitive trauma- running, for example, can aggravate certain people’s back pain.

Always listen to your body- if you feel that you are being asked to perform an activity that you feel uncomfortable performing, your instinct should win out. 

Finding the right plan for your pain in Bridgewater

At Total Health Chiropractic, we are dedicated to helping people get to the bottom of their back pain. Once we’ve reached the root cause, we can set a plan to help you manage or overcome your back pain in an efficient manner. Combining the power of chiropractic care with daily therapeutic exercise tailored specifically to your pain is one of the best ways to heal naturally. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment today.