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Rock climbing is a life-long addiction

From traveling the world looking for unique climbing destinations, to simply challenging yourself at the rock gym close to home, climbing offers incredible opportunities for pushing your personal boundaries. It is an incredibly unique and beneficial sport that challenges us phsyically and mentally, but always promises a reward at the top. Indeed, once you’ve caught the rock climbing bug, the only way to go is up! Along the way, your body needs to be in tip-top shape if you are going to trust it to perform the full range of motions required in climbing: from the smallest, technical challenges to weight-bearing muscle movements, chiropractic helps keep your body in a state of balance conducive to climbing. 

Chiropractic’s role in rock climbing

A climber needs to rely on their body in ways they have never dreamed of before- from the smallest muscles in the fingers and toes to the large muscles involved in core stability, bodily coordination is essential for climbing success. When climbing, you can’t help but be mindful of the stresses that accumulate in each particular point of the body. As you become a more capable climber, you will naturally choose to take on more technical challenges and the risk-reward factor will increase. Chiropractic steps into the breech, helping you maintain spinal alignment and full range of motion throughout the body. Chiropractic for climbing focuses on:

  • Improving mind-body coordination by relieving stress from the nervous system
  • Reducing local and systemic stresses
  • Improving range of motion in the spinal joints 
  • Preventing injury by strengthening the core stabilizing muscles.

Chiropractic will keep you climbing long into life

Being proactive about your spinal health keeps you on the up and up in your climbing career. If you want to find out more about chiropractic’s applications in the world of climbing, give our office in Bridgewater a call to schedule an appointment today.