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Decompression is powerful therapy for your spine

When this big D word is mentioned, people either think of questionably effective surgeries, or the scene from James Bond where he is nearly stretched to death by a traction table. But decompression has carved out its place in spinal care because it is effective, especially if you can provide your spine with gentle decompression on a daily basis. What we mean by this is choosing stretches that provide a decompressive effect. Yoga, for example, has many poses that are excellent for providing gentle decompression to fight back pain and facilitate healing. 

The desired decompression effect through stretching

We can think of decompression as mitigating the overall pressure on your spine. Just as floating in water temporarily removes the downward pressure of gravity on your spine, decompression seeks to provide a similar effect through stretching. By elongation of the spine, pressure is alleviated from spinal joints and nerves; the negative intradiscal pressure that is created allows for rehydration and healing of embattled spinal discs. Stretches that provide this effect on a smaller scale include the cat’s stretch, child’s pose and the back arch. A simple google search provides many ideas for people looking to bring decompression into their own living rooms. 

Decompression for back pain in Bridgewater

At our office in Bridgewater, we utilize traction tables to provide decompression therapy for back pain sufferers. This modality uses motorized traction to provide the effects discussed above. If you are interested in using decompression to change your spinal health for the better, give our office in Bridgewater a call to schedule an appointment today.