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Get the Exercise You Need Without the Shock Factor

Exercise Bridgewater

If you suffer from back pain, not all exercise is equal

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your spinal health, whether you suffer from back pain or not. The strengthening and conditioning of muscles that support the spine is invaluable, as is its effect on circulation and the nervous system. But for people with chronic back pain, traditional forms of exercise could be exacerbating your condition. While we would never advocate you stop any exercise plan, it could be worth revising the way you go about getting exercise in order to account for your back pain.

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Taking the Fight to Spinal Degeneration

Spinal mobility

Spinal health is determined by using the spine properly

Using your spine properly is only achievable by knowing how the spine works. Many people think of the spine as a single structure which belies its true complexity. At the minimum we want our patients to understand the three principle subsections of the spine, as well as their purpose:

  • Cervical: refers to vertebrae in the neck; stabilize the head and supports its movement.
  • Thoracic: refers to vertebrae in the middle of the neck; engineered for rotation, flexion and extension.
  • Lumbar: vertebrae in the lower back; stabilizes and bears the weight of the upper body

And while range of motion in the thoracic spine remains limited (excess motion would cause damage), it is the section of the spine most responsible for movement in the upper body.

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Make 2018 the Year of Good Posture

Posture bridgewater

Posture and the subconsious

Posture is, at its base, a mental game. We all know we should sit and stand up straight, but when it comes down to it, we often find ourselves slumped with our shoulders rounded; slouching backward, with our natural curvature unsupported; head held forward, and pelvis tilted. All of these positions are conducive to back pain, dysfunction and, ultimately, spinal degeneration. The first step in any plan for improving posture is to become more aware. The role that your musculature plays is actually secondary. Here is our action plan for improving posture this new year. 

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A Walk A Day Keeps the Doc Away

Walking bridgewater

Do you have 15 spare minutes per day?

Walking your way to better health is not as obscure as it may seem; in fact, walking is a complete package for boosting your health, just at a much lower intensity. And while it’s important to not replace exercise with walking, we all have those days when we simply can’t spare the hour necessary to get what feels like a full workout. Walking helps you take your health into your own hands- here is some motivation for taking a 15 minute walk each day. 

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Chiropractic Offers Customized Pregnancy Care

Chiropractor bridgewater

Chiropractic offers proven pain relief for pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting in so many ways. But it is also fraught with anxiety and often antagonized by back pain. At our office in Bridgewater, we help women design real solutions for every stage of pregnancy to minimize back pain, maximize the chance of a complication-free delivery and help with post-partum issues of weight-loss and body mechanics. 

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