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For Golfers, Hips are Power

golf chiropractic

Hip mobility is a major limiting factor for golfers seeking more power

Why invest money in the latest golf tech when the most influential tool in your golf bag is the person carrying it? For golfers seeking to add more pop into their game, chiropractic could be just the ticket. The secret is in the hips, the base of power generation in the golf swing. Lack of hip mobility could be holding you back from getting those extra yards on the drive while also contributing to low back pain; this is a double whammy that no golfer needs. 

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A Core Concept: Stability of the Spine

core stability

Core stability: what it means and why it is important!

Achieving a stable core is perhaps the most important thing you can do for the health and longevity of your spine. So what does it mean? Core stability refers to the strength of a certain set of muscles in the stomach and back which lend support to your spine and allow you to perform everything from weight bearing movements to simply bending over without hurting yourself. Your lumbar vertebrae are under an immense amount of pressure, both from the downward force of gravity and the compressive forces of daily life. In fact, sitting upright puts lumbar intervertebral discs under an average of 125kg of pressure which accumulates over time. Because this pressure cannot really be avoided, we mitigate its severity by adding in strength through the core stabilizing muscles. 

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The Importance of Being Upright

upright posture

Stand up straight, soldier! 

Stand up straight, sit up straight, stop slouching and stop slumping! These are orders that we have all heard, especially as youngsters. But the advice is heard less as we move forward as adults, which is a shame because that's when we need it most. As children we are naturally capable of supporting our spines in an upright position- the amount of weight our spines have to bear is less, our spinal structures are younger, and our musculoskeletal system is proportionally stronger. As we age, all of the opposite can become true unless we make a concerted effort to control our weight, establish good posture and strengthen the muscles that matter for spinal support.

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Starting with Self-Care for Lower Back Pain

back pain

The body is an amazingly adept healer

The body's main purpose is to keep you functioning well, which is why it is able to heal most cases of non-specific lower back pain in a matter of weeks. Even more serious injuries such as herniated discs have the capacity to heal themselves given the proper attention to rest and rehabilitation. Monitor your pain and if it is not improving at the four week mark, it is worth contacting a health professional to find out if there is a deeper-lying problem. However, the next logical step is not to jump straight into pharmaceutical painkillers or invasive surgery; but rather to begin with conservative care modalities such as chiropractic which seek to optimize the body's ability to heal itself before scaling up to more intensive treatments. 

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Moving Beyond Pain and Pregnancy

pelvic floor pregnancy

What is the pelvic floor and how does it relate to pregnancy?

The pelvic floor is a network of muscles and ligaments that connect the pubic bone, sit bones and tailbone. It is an extension of your core which is important for things like bowel control, sexual function and enjoyment, and controlling back pain. When it comes to pregnancy, the pelvic floor takes on a whole new level of significance, as a strong set of pelvic muscles can provide another layer of support and stabilization for the base of the spine as the baby grows in weight.

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