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Learning to Say No to a Stiff Neck

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Don't let your neck be a victim of your lifestyle

Your shoulders and neck are quite often the first victims of a lifestyle full of stress and tension. With so many of us living our lives in front of computer and smartphone screens, our necks are more at risk than ever for the dysfunction that leads to stiffness and pain. When we interact with these devices, we frequently forego good posture, allowing certain muscles to over-tighten and others to weaken from lack of use. These muscles then create a pull on the vertebrae of the cervical spinal segment, leading to nerve impingement and painful muscle spasms. Despite what you may have become accustomed to, a stiff, sore neck is not normal. Chronic neck pain should be assessed and treated- fortunately, much of the neck tension inherent in our modern lifestyles is reversible! Read on to find out how.

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Chiropractic Care for Maintaining your Target Weight

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Yes, chiropractic can help you lose weight...

...but only in a roundabout way. Chiropractic helps people lose weight by reducing systemic pain and tension, and increasing comfort and range of motion. It is no secret that people who struggle with chronic back pain are less likely to work out- who wants to take on motions that could potentially exacerbate their pain? By establishing balance in your musculoskeletal system and alleviating some of the pain, chiropractic makes you more likely to seek out the exercise which forms part of a healthy lifestyle and helps you lose weight. But the most important application of chiropractic in this scenario is the synergy of chiropractic and weight loss in support of your overall health.

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The Driver’s Seat: Commuting More Comfortably

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When your daily commute spells disaster for your spine

The average commute time for workers in Somerset County is over 30 minutes. Given both directions, that represents an hour of time that you spent seated, and often stressed. Many studies seek to analyze the psychological effect of daily commuting on the human mind, but what is more clearly understood is the deleterious effect on the human spine. Car seats are notoriously uncomfortable and, what’s worse, is that they are actually anti-ergonomic. Chances are your car didn’t come with a customized car seat, perfectly adjusted to your body’s specifications. That means that the onus is on you to ensure that your commute isn’t damaging your spine! Read on to find out how.

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The Foods You Should Stop Eating Now for a Healthier Back

The power of nutrition in supporting your spine 

When it comes to the things you can do to protect your spine, exercise, nutrition and sleep may as well all be equal. Stress management and posture and chiropractic care are further ways that you can exercise control over chronic back pain. If you are lucky to live without back pain, you should be proactive about taking advantage of these factors to prevent future back pain. If you are living with daily back pain, it is time to stop ignoring the things you know can help you feel better. Nutrition is one of the ways that many of us sell our selves short in the fight for our spines. 

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Common Exercises That Hurt Your Back

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Exercise is the number one way to manage your back pain

One of the best ways to compound common back pain is to sit around and mope. Bed rest, which was once prescribed as a cure-all for back pain, can actually throw a wrench into your recovery efforts. Without movement, circulation slows and soft tissues lose their pliancy- this creates a further pull on the injurious region that can actually mitigate the good work you are putting in. And while rest itself has many important applications in injury recovery, it is generally recommended that you remain moderately active, or relatively resting. The key is to maintain a normal amount of activity without aggravating your injury through extreme motions or too much duress. 

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